Parenting friendly Pop-Up Urban Furniture prototypes produced  aUPA Project framework.

May - December /2.017


Facilitate and Improve child rearing outside home and personal networks, developing a typology of parenting friendly outdoor facilities, designed to involve children and their caregivers in quality experiences in public spaces.


Design and production of a physical support collection for Public Space customization to facilitate caring, breastfeeding, diaper changing, eating, playing and relaxing to the great outdoors.

Incorporate early childhood developmental and caregiver’s needs into the prototypes design process.


  • Parenting portable station.

  • Provides Personal Autonomy

  • Foldable elements, carried inside a backpack or bag.

  • Lightweight and transportable. Easy to take and can be removed by one-person job.

  • Assemble and disassemble in 5 minutes.

  • Designed to fit into any urban environment.

  • 4 types of Kit that combine different features, which vary according to the way the parts are folded.

  • Can be deployed individually or grouped together as a Kits System by combining several of the same or different types of them.

  • Facilitating opportunities for social interaction.

  • Providing color, play and comfort wherever it is settled down.

This project is supported in three pillars:


01_The Temporary-Use approach for Urban Voids as public space

02_The DIY Parenting friendly Pop-Up Urban Furniture production [aUPA Kits]

03_The Parenting supporting networks generation


Urban Void + aUPA Kit + Parenting Supporting Networks


aUPA Space









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