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[Parenting friendly pop-up public spaces]

Project funded by Bernard van Leer Foundation that launched Urban95Challenge, an initiative that works to promote the well-being of young children in cities from the prenatal period up to the age of 5.

May - December/2.017


Facilitate and improve child rearing outside home and personal networks, developing a typology of parenting friendly outdoor facilities, designed to involve children and their caregivers in quality experiences in public spaces.


Alleviating the shortage of quality public spaces allowing broaden parenting spaces outside home, which are useful as physical support for everyday life activities, enabling collective care and socialization, while encouraging mutual aid links. Facilitating proximity resources, public places close to home, on a neighborhood scale, to distances easily reachable on foot (300mtrs. aprox.) for people in special situation: infants, pregnant women, people carrying a child, elderly, disabled, etc.


In contrast, there are in Tucumán approximately 1,200 properties, including unbuilt space and abandoned buildings, liable to become, at least temporarily, in spatial resources responding to the above outlined shortcomings: the Urban Voids.


Given this scenario, we propose a new typology of temporary public space given the possibility of "self-managing" an own parenting friendly space through pop-up urban furniture collection, which can disappear and reappear in different parts of a neighborhood, turning any urban void into a child-rearing place. . A comfortable space where and when caregivers want it, looking for "Autonomy" as an added value. 

This project is supported in three pillars:


01_The Temporary-Use approach for Urban Voids as public space

02_The DIY Parenting friendly Pop-Up Urban Furniture production [aUPA Kits]

03_The Parenting supporting networks generation


Urban Void + aUPA Kit + Parenting Supporting Networks


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